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I Love Burger + Grill Lah – Singapore’s Alternative to Ramly Burger?

March 22, 2018 | 4 Minute Read

I Love Burger + Grill Lah – Singapore’s Alternative to Ramly Burger?

When a kind NEA officer offered a suggestion for them to change their stall into a burger joint, they didn’t immediately dismiss it. Instead, Swee and Manisah converted their satay stall to I Love Burger + Grill Lah, an all-Western food stall that dishes out unique burgers with Asian spices.

It’s rather unique to see a burger stall in the middle of a hawker centre in a mature estate like Ghim Moh. You would think that a Western food stall would not thrive in in an aging neighbourhood, but I Love Burger + Grill Lah are not short of hungry buyers at lunchtime.

So how did the business start in the first place?

Before I Love Burger + Grill Lah

"I Love Burger Store"

Swee, a qualified chef, had previously her own cafe around the Bras Basah district. Students and the younger working crowd frequently patronised the cafe, but the lack of manpower to handle the busy operations, as well as high operating costs forced her to close the establishment.

Swee was ready to call it to quits, but her best friend of more than two decades, Manisah, urged her to give it another go. Since Manisah lived near Ghim Moh Hawker Centre, they decided to try bidding for a stall there. In September 2017, their stall opened by offering handmade satay marinated with their special blend of spices and carefully chosen cuts of meat.

But alas, they received complaints from neighbours who were not happy with the smoke and smell that came from grilling the satay, and was eventually reported to the National Environment Agency (NEA). They didn’t know what to do at first, but when the NEA officer suggested burgers as Ramly burgers are often popular, but are only ever available at night markets, they decided to go ahead with the idea.

Food Preparation

"I Love Burger Prep"

I Love Burger + Grill Lah takes pride in their curated lean menu – the meat patties are marinated overnight and cooked fresh upon order, with no fillers or MSG added. They are then hand pressed and shaped perfectly in consistent sizes without using molds or shaping tools.

Having worked commercial kitchens all her life, Swee finds it important to add Asian spices to their burgers to create a taste that is unlike the commercially prepared burgers in fast food joints. After all, they want to create burgers which cater to a universal palate so that anyone young and old can enjoy them.

Food Highlights

"I Love Burger Highlights"

Virtually all the burgers by I Love Burger + Grill Lah are sandwiched between fresh lettuce, tomatoes and soft 5-inch sesame seed buns. Among the worthy mentions in their menu selection include the Crispy Har Cheong Gai Burger, a delicious zhi char flavour twist with tartar sauce, smoky BBQ sauce and drizzled with maple syrup.

There’s also the Golden Fortune Lamburger, made from Asian spiced lamb patties and topped with hollandaise sauce and cheddar slices, as well as the King Burger, with tartar sauce, smoky BBQ sauce, and cheese sauce, with topped with the addition of a sunny side-up egg.

Another must try dish is ironically not a burger – I Love Burger + Grill Lah offers Salted Butterscotch Fries, a dessert type fries drenched with butterscotch sauce and a sprinkle of sea salt flakes that balances off the salty-sweet taste. This uniquely delicious dessert/side dish is the first and currently only one available on WhatsHalal app.

I Love Burger + Grill Lah planned to add more exciting items to their menu, such as the Macho Nacho Fries – fries served with guacamole, nacho cheese and salsa, now available on WhatsHalal!

I Love Burger + Grill Lah is now live on WhatsHalal, available on both Android and iOS. Enjoy convenient, 100% halal islandwide delivery when you purchase via the WhatsHalal app now.

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